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Mickey maintenance and cleaning services is a company that provides cleaning services and building management .

The company was founded in Israel in 2008

The company offers a range of services from maintenance and cleaning and is active throughout the country at all times , and provide a response to a widening circle of corporate clients and individuals

The company provides its customers with special cleaning services and refreshed surfaces , such as tile and renovation Polishing thin ( natural wood surfaces or synthetic ) company Other areas of interest are : general remodeling , landscaping services , and Pest Control ServicesSince its inception , the Company operates in order to provide to its clients professional, reliable and available and ensure our customers quality work and fair and courteous serviceMickey maintenance and cleaning services nationwide employs teams of many workers including cleaners, guards, laborers and skilled workers.

The company is committed to the provision of fair treatment for all employees and believes that happy employees perform their work with dedication and promise good results for customersMickey company maintenance and cleaning services up to the trend of environmental protection and provides opportunities for use in detergents "green" and environmentally friendly biodegradable and approved by the Ministry of Health , at the request of our customers and their preferences

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